Friday, March 27, 2009

today's challenge results...

We're off to an excellent start! Especially if you consider the fact that it was sort of an accidental start. The gratefulimages girls are all quite excited about how this is going and I must say, the energy around here is positive, so we know it's working here on our little corner of the planet.

For our first day of the challenge we've got 18 peeps signed up to send out 4 hope notes each, so according to my calculations that's 72 notes!

I'm dropping them by the good old USPS on my way home, so check your mail, folks.

Click here to check out our hope note senders list. We're already reaching 6 states! How cool is that?!

Don't forget to let us know the first names and states of the people you're encouraging. I'll have a receiver's list soon!


  1. What an honor to be listed as TX, but in reality it is MI! You ladies are amazing;D!

  2. I fixed it :-) you're back in MI now...