Friday, March 27, 2009

and we're off!

So, after accidentally starting last night, we've already got 13 people who've accepted the challenge! That's 52 hope notes already. Woo hoo! We'll get the cards in the mail to you right away.

Just some thoughts as we were talking about what we're up to and why we're doing this in the first place...

Have you watched the news lately? My family totally makes fun of me because I really don't. And, I don't read the paper either, unless someone I know is in there and points it out to me. Reason being, it's just darn depressing!! I totally get sucked in to the hype about how our world is coming to an end. It's easy to do.

So, with the Create Hope Challenge, we're trying to get a hold of the bad stuff and turn it around with some good news. If we can get this going think of the positive energy wave we could create! How cool and powerful would that be. Let's get people moving in the other direction. Away from freak-out gloom and doom and towards some positive thinking.

Ok.. that's enough from me right now. Get excited!

If you're up for the challenge, send us an email at

Check out our website for updates:

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  1. Hi Grateful Images!

    You all have been busy! Love the new web page and then again I'm continually amazed by all the incredible artwork. Thanks for sharing your faith, hope and love with your new challenge - to you we are indeed grateful. Love and hugs, Lura