Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So, I got really nerdy today...

After sorting my fancy create hope spreadsheets and counting up the states (and countries!), I realized that you all had sent hope to 34 states, one US territory and 2 foreign countries! Being the visual people that we are... I just had to make a map of all the hope out there. I mean, how could I not?! So, pat yourselves on the back and keep spreading the word. How cool would it be to get all 50 states by the time we're through?! If you want to see the totally awesome PDF of the map, click here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

over 25% of the way there!!!

You have sent over 500 messages of hope and encouragement out there! How cool is that?

It has been so awesome getting the emails back from everyone with the names of the receivers. The comments from you all about what an amazing experience this has been are incredibly encouraging to me. Thank you for sharing! Here are just a few:

"How cool is this?!?! I'd love to create hope with you!
" - Sara in Michigan

"Just wanted to let you know that I've sent my cards. They were all sent to friends who are dealing with difficult situations with their children. My note mentioned that our family is praying for theirs. Thanks for including me in the challenge!" - Jennifer in Texas

"Thank you for the opportunity to send notes - I LOVE sending notes/cards to people! :) This was a great idea - blessings to your family for the beauty that you have given this world." - Tera in Texas

And, now the updates. Click here to check out the list of our awesome Hope Note senders. And, click here to see the receivers.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


110!!! That's the number of people who have committed to send 4 hope notes! Do you know that's 440 notes?! What's really cool about this is that we don't even know all of you and I'm so excited that we've extended our gratefulimages family beyond what we could even imagine.

I need to get a receivers list out there, but I know that one of the cards is going to Australia!!!

Here's what's happening out there as you guys are spreading hope around the world:
"What a nice note! Thanks for such a nice surprise - brought a smile to my face, and the feeling is mutual!"

So, if you haven't committed to send your 4 hope notes, sign up! Bring a smile to someone's face.

As always, click here to check out the latest sender's list.

Friday, April 3, 2009

happy friday everyone!

As of today, we have 12 new hope note senders, that's 48 more notes going out. Yay! The current grand total is 59 senders. And, that equals over 200 hope notes!!!

You have all sent so many positive messages our way, I can only imagine what sort of notes you're sending out to the rest of the world. Thanks for your enthusiasm and keep it up! I'm still not watching the news, and let me tell you... counting the hope notes is far better for my psyche.

Enjoy your weekend and please pass on the word to your friends, family and really anyone else you might know.

As always, click here to see our updated senders list.