Wednesday, October 7, 2009

half way to half way

So, last month at this time we were 14 senders away from 1/2 way to our goal, and now we're only 7 senders away! So, we're half way to half way to our goal. Woo hoo!

I'm again questioning my sanity at setting the goal of 2000 notes, but you know what? We didn't set a time limit. So, it's all God's timing, right? It's a huge relief to realize that. I know that if we just keep on doing what we're doing and keep on spreading the word, God will get us there. I really love to believe that I'm the one in control, and that what I want and plan for is the best thing. Funny how when I give up, and finally shout out for God's help everything seems to fall into place (usually in a totally different place than I thought it should).

So, one step at a time. 7 more senders and we're half way there. Then I can't even begin to think about how we're going to find 250 more! I do believe that it will happen... eventually. And, that when those 250 people send out their notes, it's going to be the PERFECT timing for the receivers.

With that said, tell everyone you know about the Create Hope Challenge! Or at least everyone you know that you think might like to send out notes to their friends and family.

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