Monday, July 20, 2009

Another fancy map...

I've recently returned from the International Christian Retail Show which just happened to be in Denver, CO this year. This was awesome for so many reasons, probably the biggest one being that I got to spend some QT with my sister and my sweet niece. One of the cool things about ICRS moving around each year is that you get to meet a whole new crowd of fabulous Christian stores and wonderful store owners and other vendors too. Of course we also saw some familiar faces and got to catch up on the latest and greatest from the past year.

Before we headed to ICRS I was feeling like maybe we had set this goal a little too over our heads, because 2000 is a lot of cards for a small company like ours. Being in Denver and sharing the challenge with a whole new group of people gave some new energy to our project. The enthusiasm from all of you new participants gave me HOPE that we could reach our goal, so thank you for that. The other thing that I realized as I was making the list of new hope creators, is that they were from all over the map (and globe)... so I got all nerdy again and made another map for you to check out. This time of senders.

Inch by inch we're getting closer to 2000. We couldn't do it without your willingness to write the notes, so thank you!!!

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